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yup [23 Jan 2010|06:19pm]
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[17 Jul 2009|03:18am]
I love this crazy, tragic,
Sometimes almost magic,
Awful, beautful life

seattle trip [25 May 2009|05:34am]
Please note that this is being written on the plane in an overtired manner. My mind thinks it's 3am (as that's what it is in New York so my watch and computer say 3am now,) however my body isn't quite sure what to think due to the sleep (lack of as well as plethora) schedule I've had over the past week. Oh, I'm pretty much writing this for myself since I doubt most of you will even read this.

I got in Thursday afternoon and Vern picked me up. We then went over to his brother's to just hang out and kill some time to let traffic die down. We then went out to my mom's where I saw her and my brother. We drove around Port Orchard and got Slurpees. I also got to see my friend Trevor. I stayed the night at Vern's.

Friday - I can't quite remember exactly what had happened; apparently nothing too exciting. I ended up going back home and spending time with family. That night we went out to Bremerton and I got to see my friend Taylor, who I couldn't see last time he was here. We got 44oz Slurpees. It was outstanding. We saw Trevor again.

Saturday - My mother and I drove out to Satsop (an area about 30 miles down dirt logging roads in the Olympic National Forest.) My sister-in-law's step-father's birthday party was out there (as they live there now.) I saw my oldest brother, my sister-in-law, and my two nephews. We were there for only about ninety minutes, but I'm still glad I was able to see them rather than not at all (they live in E. Washington now.) I sure miss my nephews a lot. They're growing so much and I wish I could be more involved in their lives. My mother and I drove back into town. Vern picked me up and we went to Shari's.

Sunday - I slept nearly all day. I didn't do much of anything at all.

Monday – Slept pretty late again. Vern and his girlfriend Rachelle picked me up and guess what we did? We went to Shari's.

Tuesday – Blake picked me up and we went into Silverdale with his friend Shawn who is a pretty awesome dude. We went to Kitsap Sports, Party City to see Vern at work, and then went down to the mall. I haven't been to that mall in over a year, a lot of stores have changed, but not the people. We were going to go to Seattle, but things got a little too late. So we went to another guy's house in Bremerton, then to another guys house. We pretty much just sat around, cooked some awesome food, watched TV, and called it a night. I stayed the night at Blake's.

**I can see Minneapolis from my airplane window right now. That's a city I'd love to visit one day.

Wednesday – Blake and I woke up fairly early to catch the 12:35pm ferry over to Seattle. I met another awesome guy named Kile. We got into Seattle an hour later and we walked up to Capitol Hill and just walked around. My friend Josie was driving by and saw us standing there. I haven't seen her in who knows how long! She parked her car and then we walked around Capitol Hill some more. We went to a bar to have a few drinks then went to the park. We just sat there and BS'd for hours. We also lied in the grass and just people watched. Then we met up with some more people and walked around some more. We walked to Neumo's (venue) to see Matt & Kim, DJ AM, Tigerbeat, and Drop The Lime. It was a free show, but you needed to print out tickets. I didn't know about the show until the tickets were all gone, but an awesome guy whose house we were at earlier just gave me his! The show was awesome. Matt & Kim was very fun to watch. The show was sponsored by Bacardi (It's Bacardi B*Live!) unfortunately there wasn't any free alcohol, but they gave these twenty-odd tokens out for you to purchase merch. They screen-printed shirts right there for you, they also had a bunch of random things you could “buy” with these tokens. I still have like ten tokens left after purchasing a bunch of crap. We walked back down to the ferry (caught the 12:50am) after the show, then went home finally, I stayed at Blake's again.

Thursday – Blake, Vern, Rachelle, and myself headed out to Lake Cushman. It's basically a mountain-fed lake with super cold and clear water. We always go to “our spot” where there are rocks to jump off of. The water was so goddamned cold though. We could hardly stand it, especially considering it was hardly 70°F outside in the sun. After being in the water for a total of twenty minutes (and after taking a bunch of awesome underwater photos) we got out, warmed up/dried off, and went to a parking lot to a trail. We hiked up for a total of I'd say a mile. Along the way we would throw huge rocks and other things down the hills. Throwing huge rocks and objects down a mountain side is actually a lot more fun than you think. Try it sometime. We got back into town, split up, met up with Shawn again, and went to Red Robin in Silverdale, oh how I've missed Red Robin! **I also missed Jack & The Box, so I ate there like five times when I was in Seattle. We called it a night and went home. I stayed at Blake's again.

Friday- Blake and I didn't wake up until about 2:30pm due to the exhaustion of the aforementioned day. Blake and I were planning on going to Folklife Festival, but we missed the ferry. So We just went to Silverdale and BS'd again. We ate at Chung's (best teryaki food ever!) We went to Sportsman's Warehouse where I bought a new pocket knife and I bought Blake a $7 Machete. Yeah, it's even more awesome thank you think. We went to the mall again and then to Barnes & Noble. I bought a book called “Blood, Sweat & Tea.” It's written by a London Paramedic who blogs over at So far I'm 140 pages in, which is the most I've read in a book in god knows how long (oh, besides Manhattan Medics.) It's a very entertaining book and I highly recommend it to all of you in EMS. I also bought a fly fishing book. We went to FYE where I bought Bringing Out The Dead and Out Cold, because I couldn't find either of my copies anymore. We went over to Kile's where Blake and him jammed for about an hour. Shawn came over and we just sat around talking about “the good ol' days of Kitsap music.” Blake and I went back to his place where apparently a huge party was going on. It was pretty much all bros and hoes. We only had a few drinks due to A) we wanted to be fairly sober since the party had a high possibility of something going wrong (as do most parties with young kids) and B) nearly all of the beer was gone. I'll leave it up to you readers to think if A was directly affected by B. Nothing serious happened at the party which is good. Just the usuals who get rowdy or totally bombed. Amateurs.

**I'm listening to this XM thing that Jet Blue has on their planes and Loser by Beck just came on..ha. Man, it's been a while.

Saturday/Now- Blake had to go and do some BS training at work for a while so I stayed at his place and watched a few movies as well as read my book. Blake and I went out to get some food, went to Callow in Bremerton to some awesome crust/punk record store. I bought a Mouth Sewn Shut album (new band by singer from Toxic Narcotic.) We then went out to my mom's where I got all of my stuff packed and Blake drove me to the airport. I did the usual rounds at the airport, got my “nic-fix” before boarding. Now I've been on this plane for four hours. Only an hour and a half left. While the attendant came by she asked if I wanted anything to drink, I asked for a Bud Light. She saw my wallet badge and said “Oh, so you're Law Enforcement?” “No, EMS.” “So you can help out in an emergency if we need you?” “Yeah, no problem.” “Okay, so how about I buy you the drink then?” Man, I love free beer. If I had a beer for every beer that a girl has bought me... I'd have two beers! I just need a cigarette now and I'll be good...two more hours...two more hours...two more hours... Oh, and I can't even sleep on planes. I hate that. Last time I had three shots of Jack and 50mg of Somonex (diphenhydramine) and only got about three hours of sleep. WTF. Well, I get into JFK at around 0530, my ride should be there around 0600. (**This may be posted once I get in if I can snag some WiFi.) Once I get home I figure I'll take a nap. The sunrise is barely starting to show now. It's just so goddamn hot on this plane.

All-in-all, thank you to everybody who has contributed to this one awesome visit back home. This was a much needed and (and may I say deserved) vacation. I met some very awesome people during my stay. Moving back to Washington seems more and more necessary every time I come out. Sorry New York, but you aren't as beautiful and frankly, most NY'ers I've met are assholes. I forgot what it's like to say hello to complete strangers and for them to ask you how you're doing and vise versa. Every time I come back out here I miss so many memories, but I also try to throw a lot of them out. Some of the people and memories of some places in Kitsap and Seattle make me never want to revisit my past, as well as it makes me scared of the future of some of my friends and family. I can only hope for the best and help them out in any way possible.

And no, it didn't rain the whole time. It really only rained Tuesday, the rest of the week was absolutely beautiful.

The Beatles just came on. Ahhhhh...

Well, back to this whole thing called “life.” I think I'll end these almost surreal past ten days on the river chest deep in water fly-fishing into the sunset. I think it's a perfect end to a vacation before I get back to work Monday at 0700; strangely I'm looking forward to getting back to work... We'll see how that goes in a week (probably pretty good considering I'm going fishing up in the Catskills next Saturday!)

Possible nap time... Good night.
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[18 May 2009|04:06pm]
in port orchard at my moms...

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[28 Apr 2009|03:21pm]
look how bad ass i am.

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[06 Apr 2009|04:06pm]
omfg i just learned to juggle.

[16 Mar 2009|11:14am]
Deism seems to make much more sense everyday.

[01 Mar 2009|09:58pm]
I am the photobombing master.

photobombing: Intentionally turning up in the background of other people’s photographs with the goal of ruining them

[01 Mar 2009|05:55am]
iPods are a blessing and a curse. Moreso their accessories.

What I need:

A cheap speaker system that will charge my iPod touch, comes with a wireless remote, and decent sound. I don't need Bose, multiple speakers, AM/FM/Clock.

Any ideas?
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[17 Feb 2009|06:48pm]
Hm. Nothing really new. I'm in the fire department now. It's the second busiest fire company in my county. It's pretty fun and I'm really loving the people there. I still haven't had any serious calls, only false alarms. However, I've been doing a bunch of super fun training including vehicle extrication, ice rescue, ground ladder works, hydrant/hose operations. My physical is next week, it should be pretty easy.

I had a fantastic day at work today. I slept from 0730-1230. I then had to make a few errands, get some food, and did one job because another corps was out of service. Right now I'm sitting here watching my coworker play some video games while I'm making a website...Only thirty minutes to go.

A Fallen Brother [13 Feb 2009|02:00am]
State Police: EMS Volunteer Shot and Killed in Cape Vincent

January 31, 2009, Last Updated 11:00 a.m.
ALEXANDRIA BAY, N.Y. — The New York State Police at Alexandria Bay are investigating a homicide that occurred at approximately 11:58 p.m. Friday, Jan. 30, at 114 South Esseltyne St. in Cape Vincent.

The victim, Mark B. Davis, 25 of 172 James St., Cape Vincent, was serving as a volunteer EMT for the Cape Vincent Volunteer Fire Department, when they responded to the address for a medical emergency.

The victim and two other EMTs were at the residence treating Christopher G. Burke, age 25, formerly of Sherrill, N.Y., who now resides at the Esseltyne Street address.

Mr. Burke became agitated and retrieved a high powered rifle from the bedroom of the residence, police said. As the EMT’s were retreating from the residence, it is alleged that Burke fired two rounds, one at the victim striking and killing him, they said.

The suspect then ran from the residence and was tackled and held down by another EMT who was also at the residence, police said.

Clayton Police Department Officer Robin Pearce was first on the scene and took the suspect into custody with the assistance of Alexandria Bay Officer Jerry Delosh.

EMTs at the scene fervently attempted life saving measures, and continued these efforts during the ambulance transport to the Samaritan Medical Center, Watertown, where he was pronounced deceased.

After consultation with District Attorney Cindy F. Intschert and Chief Assistant District Attorney Kristyna Mills, the suspect is being arraigned this morning on charges of second-degree murder and fourth-degree criminal possession of a weapon.

In addition to Clayton and Alexandria Bay Police Departments, Clayton Volunteer Fire Department, Guilfoyle Ambulance Service and TIERS Ambulance Service assisted at the scene, and Cape Vincent Police Department is assisting in the ensuing investigation..

News like this really makes me wonder about this world...

[17 Jan 2009|12:32am]
So, one of my friends wrote a whole essay on me as one of her favorite photographers. it's actually really really good.

read this.Collapse )
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my rant about douchebags. [29 Dec 2008|09:49am]
after the other night, i've come to the conclusion that i am not the kind of guy that "goes out."

by "going out" i mean to a shitty douchebag-ridden bars.

by bar i mean this:

by douchebag i mean this:

i'll always be a pub guy. no stupid bro-fights. no retarded stickers-still-on-perfectly-flat-brimmed-hats, ty cobb would kick your ass right now if he saw you wearing a baseball hat like that. no obnoxiously loud music that makes you feel like you're inside of a sub-woofer. no retards dance-raping girls. no plethora of hairgel and so much AXE that if you lit a match it'd look like the hindenburg inside of this 4-people-per-square-foot hotter-than-gorilla-balls probably-fire-code-violating bar. no shitty dress restrictions (no hats?! are you fucking serious? no hats? you're going to make me remove my hat after i've been lying around in my boxers watching superbad and then my friends suddenly call me out to go out somewhere? i'll remove your fucking trachea, so fuck you marine-corps-dropout-looking douchenozzle.) no standing-room-only. no overpriced guinness or jameson. no douchebags. no stupid girls (well that's nearly impossible.) and lastly no stupid cliques. just good drinks with good music.

ladies and gentlemen, the douchebaggery transcends both genders. oh yes, girls can easily be huge douchebags as well. for example, i was about five under at a shitty bar in a shitty bro-ridden area and went out to go have a cigarette. a fairly cute girl comes up to me, i can totally tell she's not interested in me and i can already tell by the way she was talking to her friends and the way she was walking towards me that all she wanted was a cigarette. so she asks for a cigarette and fakes an irish accent with me and trying to fake flirt with me. then i hear her talking to her friends with a normal accent. then she pulls the same shit with somebody else. to her friends she was like "see, i told you i can get one...i know, it's the charm." you want a cigarette? just ask for a god damned cigarette. i'll give you one. friends? my conclusion, she's a douche.

95% of the people in that bar were douches. 0.25% was me, 2.75% was cool and probably in the same situation as me, and the other 2% were probably dead in a corner from alcohol poisoning.

origin of the shitty college barCollapse )

jesus fucking christ. never again.
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[22 Dec 2008|12:49pm]
so i decided to buy a car today..

'94 camry for $250. good running condition.
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keep your jesus off my penis [01 Dec 2008|04:03pm]
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torn [26 Nov 2008|06:35pm]
I'm so torn on what to do...

so many memories out here. so many friends that I know I will never meet better.

I just don't want to get stuck in the cycle of what most people in this county get stuck in.

what I'm thinking....

ged>paramedic>national registry>reciprocity>job in washington.
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Leaving soon, bitches! [22 Nov 2008|05:21pm]
Dear Seattle,
I can't wait to see your friendly people, drink your good coffee, and smell your fresh air.

Dear New York,
I'm probably going to miss you, but it's only ten days. You've really grown on me.


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[04 Nov 2008|11:00pm]



Walking is still honest [03 Nov 2008|02:39pm]
Dear mother,
This is just survival.
Cannot promise your children everything,
But you would lie so they can sleep tonight.
Defeat tasted nothing like you said.
Still 22 days left till the end of the world.
My legacy was making you a man
For a justice I could not change.
This is one voice not to forget;
"Fight every fight like you can win;
An iron fisted champion,
An iron willed fuck up."

Can anybody tell me why God won't speak to me?
Why Jesus never called on me to part the fucking seas?
Why death is easier than living?
You can be almost anything
When you're on your fucking knees.
Not today,
Not my son,
Not my family,
Not while walking is still honest,
And you haven't given up on me.

Dear shithead,
This isn't happening;
The sky is really falling,
The paint's all made of lead,
There's asbestos in the walls,
Hell's come over to rip off the doors
To your privileged heaven.
Do you want to love and feel it?
You can look but you can't taste it.
You can reach but you'll never have it.
We are untouchable;
Untouchable is something to be.

Can anybody tell me why God won't speak to me?
Why Jesus never called on me to part the fucking seas?
Why death is easier than living?
You can be almost anything
When you're on your fucking knees.
Not today,
Not my son,
Not my family,
Not while walking is still honest,
And you haven't given up on me,
And you haven't given up on me,
And you haven't forgotten me...

[03 Nov 2008|02:37pm]
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